ChatMini aims to be a more contemporary and creative smart speaker. It will integrate cutting-edge AI technologies, including ChatGPT, to deliver unprecedented voice interactions and audio experiences while maintaining strict control over acoustic standards.

As the world's first smart speaker equipped with ChatGPT, Vifa ChatMini is at the forefront of the smart speaker industry, representing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence technology.
ChatMini weighs just 0.45kg, making it an ultra-light and portable music companion. Whether you're traveling or enjoying outdoor activities, you can easily carry it with you. No longer bound to a fixed speaker location, you can seamlessly integrate ChatMini into your life by simply placing it in your backpack or handbag.

Compared to the conventional Alexa speakers, ChatMini speakers exhibit remarkable advantages in natural language generation and emotional expression, thereby showcasing a wide range of potential applications in daily tasks and planning. Specific user groups such as the elderly and children can also benefit from its features, highlighting the companion and educational aspects of the speaker.

【Pure Audio Quality】 The ChatMini features a 40mm neodymium full-range driver, benefitting from the powerful magnetic field of the neodymium magnet, enabling the speaker to deliver clear, precise, and high-fidelity audio. This full-range unit operates effectively across a wide frequency range, enhancing the overall audio performance.
【Impressive Bass】 The 46x65mm passive radiator effectively extends the low-frequency response range of Vifa ChatMini, providing a more enriched and full-bodied bass effect for the audio system. Additionally, it aids in reducing resonances within the speaker enclosure, resulting in improved audio performance and a reduction in unwanted noise and distortion caused by resonances.