Denmark,where  the perennial cold climate  has shaped the unique feelings of the Danes,always adhere to a persistent pursuit.The same is true for Vifa under the same feelings,maintain an uncompromising attitude towards sound and a craftsman spirit of excellence.

Under the perfect requirement of sound,Vifa insists on the ultimate pursuit of every craft
Over the years, Vifa has consistently promoted changes in the audio field. 
As the “Father of Speakers”, Vifa Sound has accumulated 90 years of experience in the speaker industry.
Combined with mature processing technology and leading manufacturing standards, systematic acoustic algorithms and patented technologies, Vifa Sound has formed a full-scale professional acoustic solution featurin 「Acoustic Craft」,「Acoustic Technology」 and 「Acoustic Design」 for portable speakers, home theater, smart wear, displays, tablet computers, projectors, auto hi-fi and other fields.

Acoustic Craft

Obtained six national acoustic patents,
Provide professional technical support for restoring real sound
At the same time represents the most advanced acoustic technology in Europe
Combining the most systematic acoustic solutions in China
Bring the ultimate listening enjoyment to the audience

Lean manufacturing is the vitality of quality of life, the perfect requirement for sound makes us pursue the ultimate pursuit of every craft

Throughout the years, Vifa has driven changes to welcome the introduction of cutting-edge technology but the level of craftmanship and investment embodied in Vifa products always remains the same.

Acoustic Technology

The pursuit of presenting a full range of immersive high-fidelity sound effects
Vifa sound is committed to continuous accumulation and technology update iteration
Equipped with UA sound effects, room calibration, multi-room system VR/AR and other smart wearable audio effects and cutting-edge acoustic technology for car tuning.

And has 20 years of experience in car brand audio solution design
Have a high level of car audio and car electronic product development capabilities
Provides a solid technical guarantee for the acoustic field of all formats

Vifa Vehicle Audio 

The platform for comprehensive car audio solution:  
Include multi-band EQs, delays, custumed filters, signal chain editor, etc., all the fundementals to achieve high quality audio. 
GDS™ car module for 3D sound impression. 
UA™ car module for dynamic EQ and deep bass impression. 
Phase Tuner™ for tuning the speakers to the same phase in wide-band range. 
Measurement toolset to visualize cabinet acoustic and tuning results. 
Fast implement to DSP chip, SoC, android, Linux etc.

Acoustic Design 

Independent professional reverberation-free room through VIFA SOUND
Combines exclusive acoustic verification test and voice device test
Set acoustics and sound levels for optimal performance in design simulation and optimization with an acoustically tailored process
Presenting you with high-definition excellent sound experience

Acoustic Customization


The original audio.

Vifa Play

  Vifa tuned audio,Warmer tone,lusher detail.  


VIFA SOUND is based on its profound technical accumulation in the field of acoustics and its passion for sound and an uncompromising attitude
Redefining Acoustics, Leading Acoustics to a New Future