IKODOO: An outstation where Technology Meets Design

For years, we’ve been on a quest for the perfect sound. We know that in a world where music is everything, the right headphones can make all the difference. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to researching, developing, and innovating in the IoT devices market, to bring you high-end audio technology that will elevate the way you listen to music.

We’re not your average tech brand. We’re dynamic, innovative, and we understand that technology isn’t just about functionality – it’s about lifestyle too. We believe that music is an art form, and that our headphones should reflect that.

Our presence is truly global, with operations in India, a cutting-edge R&D and supply chain center in China, and a world-class Brand Marketing and Design Center in the United States.

But we’re not just about style – our headphones exude exclusivity and panache when it comes to performance too. With our multi-mode AI acoustic noise reduction algorithm, you can expect noise reduction like never before. Our product achieves a noise reduction frequency range of 2KHZ and a maximum attenuation of 50 dB, making it the only product in its field capable of reaching such a noise reduction level in real tests.

At IKODOO, we are committed to innovation and excellence, with plans to expand into North America, Southeast Asia, and Canada by the end of 2023. Join us on our journey to transform the world of audio technology, and elevate the way you listen to music.