Vifa has become one of the most authoritative and influential top audio brands in Denmark and even in the world by virtue of its profound technology accumulation in the field of audio and its critical attitude towards sound art. Its new Nordic series audio,which launched in 2014, is more of a representative of European top ideal manufacturing process and technic.



Vifa Sound

As the father of loudspeakers, Vifa adheres to 90 years of acoustic accumulation and exploration in the field of loudspeaker units, combines its mature processing technology leading manufacturing standards, systematic acoustic algorithm and patented technology, and forms a professional acoustic solu tion with acoustic craft, acoustic technology and acoustic design as the core. It is involved in portable audio, home theater, smart wear, display, tablet computer, projector, car audio and other fields.

And provides acoustics support and services for international brands such as Lenovo and Huawei, while also engaging in research and cooperation with a number of automobile manufacturers.