My architect parents raised me to register everyday-life. I followed them around, saw them observing the world and began watching things by myself. ‘You see a motive in everything,’ my mother told me the other day. She might be right. A torn poster clinging to a yellow brick wall; a particular red tone reflecting the sun on a building; a turquoise vase catching the sunlight on a lazy afternoon. Inspiration can be found anywhere.

I notice sights but I also notice sounds. Copenhagen is the sound of bikes over cobbles; of babies crying in prams; of trucks unloading; the sounds resonating between the old walls on narrow streets. But it’s also the laughter of friends at a local wine-bar. Glasses tinkling and a soft bass in the background to accompany the party.

I was born in Copenhagen. The first years my parents had the tiniest 1-room apartment. Then we moved to the suburbs when I was three. But I remember returning to the city to visit friends, or go to the Tivoli gardens. Everything seemed so big, the buildings so tall. It was a child’s perspective on things. Copenhagen is not a high-rise city. It’s a soft place, compared to other capitals. That’s why I chose to move back here later in life.

When you live in a city, you need places to reload. A few years back I bought a wetsuit and a harpoon. I use it when we go to my family’s summerhouse north of Copenhagen on weekends. The day I caught my first fish, I was so excited. Under water things seem bigger, so I thought it was a huge catch. It wasn’t. Once out of water, the fish was so small I almost felt sorry for it. Since then I’ve improved. I like the idea of providing for yourself and only catching exactly what you need.

Truth is, I love water. In town, water is vital. I walk to work each morning. I see the city awaken, and I wake up with it. On my walk, I pass the lakes. It’s a refreshing pause; it’s where you feel you can breathe. People gather here automatically.

Speaking of pausing. When I moved into my apartment two years ago, my wonderful new neighbours showed me how to climb on to the roof. It was love at first sight. The sight of the city and the rooftops gives me a perfect sense of freedom. I usually come up here by sunset since the light is so particularly pretty at that time of day. I like to bring my guests too; you simply lose your breath when you see Copenhagen from above.

Urban Vibes

Whether you are looking for places to daydream, eat ice cream, or read a great novel in the big city, here are some tracks to keep you company.




Nina's favorite tunes

"I use music to get in a certain mood, to create an atmosphere and I know exactly what to listen to so the wheels run even faster."


Open / Rhye

Desafinado / Stan Getz, Charlie Bird

Busy Earnin’ / Jungle

You & Me feat. Eliza Doolittle / Disclosure

Kiss It Better / Rihanna

Touch The Sky / Kenye West

Seasons (Waiting On You) / Future Islands

Patricia’s Thirst / Choir Of Young Believers


Copenhagen Guide

Going to Copenhagen anytime soon? You’re so lucky to do so!

Among the many, many vibrant, fun and inspirational spots in this city, here are Nina’s top picks:



A true neighborhood bistro. The folks are kind and the plat du jour always luscious.




Ravnsborggade 20A

2200 Copenhagen


Opening Hours

13.00 - 24.00


A must-see filled with flowers, plants and peace of mind. Plus color combos to die for.




Øster Farimagsgade 2C

1353 Copenhagen


Opening Hours

08.30 - 18.00


Browsing through the profusion of fresh produce is a simple yet everyday pleasure.




Frederiksborggade 21

1360 Copenhagen


Opening Hours

10.00 - 19.00