About Vifa


Passion. Craftsmanship. And a continuous strive for obtaining authentic sound.

Those have been Vifa’s core values, ever since the original founder, N.C. Madsen, decided to replace a career as an auto-mechanic by his true zeal: Loud-speaker technology. He did so decades ago; back in a small, Danish countryside village in 1933.

Vifa quickly developed into the preferred supplier of loudspeaker units for many well-known high-end brands and kept that position into this century.

Obtaining the best possible rendering of sound is a matter of orchestration, a complex calibration of multiple technical components. The know-how behind the Vifa-brand has over the years been transmitted through generations of engineers, along with a no-compromise attitude towards obtaining the absolutely best quality in terms of sound.

But premium sound also deserves a high-end presentation. In 2014 and 2015 Vifa therefore introduced a unique new product range of wireless loudspeakers.

All based on the very proud heritage and technical expertise of the Vifa sound-engineers the authentic sound is now delivered in a series of functional yet highly aesthetical loudspeakers.

So far, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki loudspeakers have been introduced to enthusiastic markets. Each and every one intended for the music lover who values exclusive design just as much as great sound.

The new range of loudspeakers is a unique and joyous union of the Vifa core values. Authentic sound, premium materials and technology all brought to its fullest expression by a simple yet sophisticated Nordic design, translated in to versatile high-end products.

A collaboration with Kvadrat, Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles, is one of the more important components to the look, feel and sound of the Vifa loudspeakers. All three models carry a special-woven textile cover, giving the product a warm, rough look and feel, without compromising the sound; the textiles have been designed to let sound pass through the threads in the best possible way.

This merger of both Vifa and Kvadrat’s dedicated craftsmanship and strive for the ultimate quality contributes to the success of the Vifa series.